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Too often, businesses operate on hope. Hope that prospects will magically improve, competition will melt away and luck will lead your company to greener pastures. It’s an understandable belief, but that’s just not how sustained success works.

At Virtuoso, we believe in the power of developing and executing strategic plans tailored specifically for your company and your circumstances. Not to be mistaken with brainstorming or theorizing, strategy requires hard quantitative & quantitative analysis and the expertise to position your operations to win now and into the future.

Strategy can be a broad subject; however, the methods and tools we bring to bear to get you on track are intensely focused. Let’s get to work on controlling what we can control so that your company can lead the way with confidence and agility.

It all starts with a conversation.


Scenario Simulations permalink

Business does not happen in a vacuum. Tactical decisions by competitors, regulatory changes and market events can have asymmetrical impact on your value. Our scenario modeling process shifts leverage into your hands by giving you likely outcomes of future events, overlaid onto your financial projections.

Risk-Adjusted Forecasting permalink

Step beyond basic extrapolations and embrace the possibilities. At Virtuoso, we see forecasting as the cornerstone of a well-run enterprise. We will build your forecast from the ground up so it can drive resource allocation decisions, operational outputs, capital raising, and manage stakeholder expectations

Real Option Valuation permalink

Proper business valuation goes well beyond basic accounting. Illuminating strategic options such as reinvestment, harvesting, and divestitures requires a keen focus on value maximization and an ability to translate ideas into quantified, measurable options.

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Quadrant Analysis permalink

Rely on our analytical process to reduce exposure to low yielding activities and confidently shift to sustainable value creation. From operational efficiency and resource allocation to sales force effectiveness and customer concentration, Virtuoso can rapidly assess and orient your company to generate maximum returns from each input and preserve free cash flow.

Competitive Analysis permalink

Having competitive intelligence means more than knowing the names. Competitors do not rest; they’re nimble and ready to capitalize on any missteps. Virtuoso can become your eyes and ears, with bench depth and expertise to help you become a master of your competitive environment and help your company win.

Now is the Time permalink

Virtuoso Strategic Group is a boutique consulting firm formed to deliver extraordinary value to its clients. We pride ourselves on alignment with the fortunes of our clients and an unwavering commitment to their success. We welcome you to start the conversation today.