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Sustainable Growth Demands Alignment


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All of your stakeholders tell you must grow revenue. However, you understand that achieving sustained growth while maximizing cash flow demands more than just desire alone.

So do we.

At Virtuoso, we understand the science of growth. Growing properly demands the analytical acumen to determine sources of growth and the insight to match them with the facts on the ground of your company. Whether through market expansion, new product development or acquisition, Virtuoso will arm you with the confidence and knowledge to identify and nail your growth path.

We do not offer canned solutions at Virtuoso – your path to growth will be customized to the reality of your company and our team will be there with you to drive execution.

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Rapid due diligence to understand every detail of the business operations, competitive environment and financials, informing the path forward.

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Develop targeted strategies to unlock new sources of growth, from new product development to strategic acquisitions, using quantitative and qualitative analyses to support conclusions.

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Generate risk-adjusted forecasts to understand upside and implications of growth initiatives with granularity. Adjust business structure, operations and sales apparatus to ensure progress.

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Provide direct operational support to execute initiatives and implement Business Intelligence tools to maximize operational visibility.

It’s not easy to accelerate while keeping the car on the track, but we have the understanding to provide clarity and specificity as you develop a nuanced, sustainable growth plan. Get more out of your sales and marketing spend by delivering measurable results.

It all starts with a conversation.


Market Expansion permalink

Market expansion is one path to revenue growth – for some companies, the largest.
Too often we hear management teams claim they will grow by increasing percentage market share. But that oversimplification leads to lackluster results.

Identifying wells of demand for your line of business is a process that requires analytical firepower and resources to execute. Virtuoso understands the complexity of expanding share of a current market or shifting into tangential markets.

We use primary research and analytical tools to size markets, measure opportunities, understanding the consumer, competition and regulatory realities. And we provide support through all phases: feasibility, strategy, execution.

In alignment with the assets of your company, team capabilities, operations, and maintaining health of current revenue, Virtuoso can help identify and execute growth into the optimal market, whether that’s a domestic, international, or alternative market.

New Product Development permalink

Virtuoso is your turnkey solution to drive growth by delivering a new product or service line. Weo can develop a pipeline and drive the process forward so your team can remain focused and efficient on maintaining the health of the current business.

In the new product development process, we identify high growth categories, evaluate and assess operational needs/potential, build the funnel, validate partners and drive development milestones. We also help develop your digital strategy, prepare for pitching and wholesale interactions, and guide you through the product launch, execution and digital amplification.

Pricing Strategy permalink

We believe pricing to be an overlooked asset and underdeveloped process for many businesses. Pricing is a central component to business, with a direct impact on brand, perception, strategy, new product development, operational capacity, growth and margins.

Virtuoso understands the possibilities and elements of control around pricing. Ineffective pricing strategy/unmatched pricing can often lead to ineffective overall results, reduced operational leverage, and a lower ROI.

Our expertise with pricing, analytical tools and methods can help you make the most benefit out of any sale.

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Repositioning permalink

Above all, Virtuoso understands the dynamic nature of the lifecycle of a business.

Shocks, internal, external or otherwise bring about the need to adjust your path – sometimes minor course adjustments, other times a wholesale change in direction.

Virtuoso can partner with you to analyze, understand, and present options and implications. We have every tool necessary to build a new strategy, optimize human capital, develop an execution plan and provide support with capable internal resources.

As part of the repositioning process, we develop and execute your communication strategy for all stakeholders (investors, employees, vendors, trade) using resources gathered under one roof. Virtuoso can handle aspects of communication during your repositioning campaign – tone, discretion, accuracy, effectiveness, compliance and more.

Digital Strategy permalink

Migrating your sales efforts requires more than updating a website or listing products or services online.

Digital touches every aspect of your business, so it’s critical to build a detailed, holistic, integrated plan.

Engaging consumers and being successful in E-commerce brings remarkably similar challenges to operating in the brick & mortar world—plus extremely fast and nimble competition, and expanded set of competitors (local to global), and democratization of powerful assets.

But there are huge rewards for doing digital well, and Virtuoso has the experience to deliver. We know how to plan, analyze, measure and optimize your digital strategy for rapid, sustainable growth.

Competition permalink

Similar to growing revenue from new sources, understanding sources of established and new competitive threats to your business is critical.

Making decisions in a vacuum, relying on stale information and confirmation bias, can lead a business off course. We see competitive analysis as a window into shaping investment and development decisions.

Your competitors aren’t resting; they’re eager to bury your future while your attention is elsewhere. Virtuoso can become your eyes and ears, with the bench depth and expertise to help your company win.

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Mergers and Acquisitions permalink

For some companies, the fastest route to a new market or repositioning is through a strategic transaction, such as the purchase of a team, book of business, technology or revenue stream.

Virtuoso can be your partner in developing an acquisition strategy, including feasibility analysis, identifying targets, structuring, presentation and negotiation.

Consumer Insight permalink

How much do you know about your most important stakeholder? What drives them to opt in or out of your product or service?

Understanding your consumers leads to smarter deployment of capital, utilization of resources, sales and marketing, and digital strategy.

Virtuoso can bring insights on your consumers – current, past, potential and missed—that can inform strategy and drive future results, using tools ranging from basic surveys to focus groups to statistically relevant data.

Customer Acquisition permalink

Understanding how to grow the customer base efficiently can make or break a business.

Too often, we see companies who lack an understanding of the true costs associated with their customer acquisition efforts. We understand down to the penny, the cost of bringing on new customers, and we know how to improve the health of your customer roster.

Virtuoso will utilize our analytical bench to help you understand the health of your customer list, how to maximize your best customers, reduce exposure, develop tools and apply plans to acquire customers. We’ll help you align sales and marketing with our analysis so efforts can move forward with clarity and confidence.

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Now is the Time permalink

Virtuoso Strategic Group is a boutique consulting firm formed to deliver extraordinary value to its clients. We pride ourselves on alignment with the fortunes of our clients and an unwavering commitment to their success. We welcome you to start the conversation today.