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Maximize Value in Distress & Volatility


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In scenarios of volatility and distress, the very future of your company depends on precise and effective decisions. Making a misstep can evaporate value and the costs of hesitation are equally as daunting.

Stakeholders demand more, suppliers will not give an inch, and your customer relationships hang in the balance. Matching the approach to the circumstances can lead to incredible value creation, but doing otherwise can be disastrous.

How does one proceed?

Don’t go it alone. When the catalyst for change is forced upon you, the right change management partner can turn challenges into opportunities to generate extraordinary value. Virtuoso embraces the challenges rapid change brings, illuminating options and managing all levers so that your company can navigate and execute decisively.

Distress comes in all shapes and forms. Virtuoso answers it with tools and processes to address different project types directly. When the seas calm, your company will be stronger, more resilient, and positioned to drive results irrespective of the circumstances.

It all starts with a conversation.


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Business combinations that look great on paper don’t always go so smoothly once reality sets in. Variances in culture, communication style, approaches to clients, systems, even meal times are all realities that must be managed in order to realize value. Doing so while keeping the team on the route often requires additional bench strength.

Virtuoso’s team has been through mergers – easy and challenging. We have also advised on dozens of business combinations.

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Sometimes the best way to realize value from a division is to give the team access to ample resources and support it needs to succeed.

In many cases, the right place for a division may be under a different roof. Realizing value from selling a division requires vision, creativity and technical expertise.

At Virtuoso, we’ve been involved in many equity carve-outs, and we are experts in finding the way to maximize value from all your business lines. We have the analytical resources to evaluate the feasibility of a divestiture, test interest and develop creative structures that will maximize your value.

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Capital structure, while often overlooked, has a massive impact on your company’s ability to succeed. Inefficiencies in your capital structure can impact your ability to utilize capital, attract investment, incentivize top performers or exit in a way that maximizes your investment.

When you work with Virtuoso, you will have access to decades of capital structure experience. We understand that no two companies have the same needs. We apply thought leadership and creativity to develop elegant solutions to capital structure.

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You know your company and how you perceive it. But after a transaction, a holistic and proactive effort to deliver the message to all your stakeholders (team, customers, trade, banks, wholesale, capital markets) may be required.

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Virtuoso Strategic Group is a boutique consulting firm formed to deliver extraordinary value to its clients. We pride ourselves on alignment with the fortunes of our clients and an unwavering commitment to their success. We welcome you to start the conversation today.