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The challenge permalink

We worked with a company that manufactured and distributed ready-to-drink beverages out of a small facility. High demand illuminated need to increase capacity, expand into a larger facility and invest in machinery, process and team. However, the management team lacked discipline with respect to CAPEX and resisting spending cash chasing business on speculation.

The Virtuoso approach permalink

We created a funnel for new projects and an internal review and approval process, reducing exposure to low-yielding ‘flyer’ projects by implementing forecast and value-based decision making. Working with management, we built and presented the case to investors to invest in new cold processing equipment.

The results permalink

  • Consistent sequential growth on the main brand
  • Landed co-pack contracts
  • Performance attracted a new set of investors who can see the brand through to exit.

Now is the Time permalink

Virtuoso Strategic Group is a boutique consulting firm formed to deliver extraordinary value to its clients. We pride ourselves on alignment with the fortunes of our clients and an unwavering commitment to their success. We welcome you to start the conversation today.